UAI 7s


UA corporate headquarters is located in Janesville, WI.  Our large state of the art headquarters is constantly being improved to meet the ever changing demands of our global OEM customers. With a vertically-integrated production facility comprised of nearly 350,000 ft2 of manufacturing space, finished goods warehousing , fully craned drive in load/unload, as well as  a world-class Engineering and Customer Support Center, we are ready, willing and able to meet the unique challenges of the many markets we serve.

In 2020, UA added a second facility strategically located in Seguin, TX.  This facility serves our customers in the southern US as well as international customers.  The new facility is 121,235 ft2 and is outfitted with the latest manufacturing and automation technology.  UA is strategically looking for more manufacturing sites to improve our agility, flexibility, and overall total cost to our customers.










UA leverages its AccuFAB Ncell Professional 7 to produce more, faster, for less. The Ncell nesting solution offers a single, cohesive automated production environment that reduces production time, improves material utilization and streamlines laser, plasma, punch and shear manufacturing processes. Employing Ncell allows UA to dynamically nest parts, getting the right part at the right time – key to streamlining production, dramatically reducing waste and increasing productivity.

Ncell Sheet Nesting - United Alloy Inc.


Our laser cutting work centers offer ultimate manufacturing productivity with your fabrication cutting requirements – speed, versatility and repeatable precision are achieved with 24/7 operating capacity availability.  Operating on the principle of “flying optics”, the non-contact cutting head moves while the workpiece stays stationary to ensure maximum performance and exceptional cut edge quality.

  • (2) CINCINNATI Cincinnati CL-900 – 6kW Fiber Laser, Lights-Out Material Handling Automation, High Speed Cutting on 18ga to 7ga mild steel
  • (1)  CINCINNATI Cincinnati CL-900 – 8kW Fiber Laser, Lights-Out Material Handling Automation, High Speed Cutting on 1/4″ to 5/8″ mild steel
  • (2) MITSUBISHI RX 4020RX-45CF-R Laser, with 4.5kW of cutting capacity.  Can cut 1” mild steel, ½” stainless steel and 3/8” aluminum on a 78” x 156” table.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Distortion and scratches free surfaces
  • Accuracy capability over entire cutting area .0004” or .01mm
  • 100% dedicated cranes over laser work center
  • CINCINNATI MARCH 360 Material Automation
  • Dual Pallet transfers throughout to maximize productivity
  • Utilizing both Oxygen and Nitrogen gases for cutting

UAI Laser Cutting Capabilities


UA’s Titan III is designed for plasma cutting and weld prep beveling using the Deltae  rotator.  The bevel angle is derived automatically using a combination of A-Axis and C-Axis interpolation by the CNC using unique compound skew technology from Messer Cutting Systems.

The Titan III along with HPR 400XD HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine-feature parts up to 3.2” with superior quality and consistency, eliminating the cost of secondary operations.

The Titan II combines Y-axis linear ways with SureTrack pitch line rack and pinion drive to provide smooth cut edges and precise holes. Wider end trucks with maximum guide roller spread stabilizes the X-axis motion for precise cut edge performance

  • Machine motion accuracy; +/- .010” accuracy; .010” repeatability (compensated machine motion in 72”)
  • Deltae rotator for K, V, X, Y bevels
  • Digital Video Camera for plate alignment
  • OmniWin nesting and beveling off-line software.
  • 7’ x 34’ down draft cutting table
UAI Plasma Cutting


Cincinnati AutoForm Forming Centers

CNC Press Brakes combine precision forming capabilities with leading edge control technology. The AUTOFORM+ is highly versatile and can handle sheet metal or plate and can form complex multi-bend or simple single bend parts with ultimate precision.

  • 60-Ton 2 Axis Back Gage CNC Brake Press, with 6’ bed
  • 90-Ton 4 Axis Back Gage CNC Brake Press, with 8’ bed
  • (2) 135-Ton 6 Axis Back Gage CNC Brake Press, with 10’ bed
  • (2) 350-Ton 6 Axis Back Gage CNC Brake Press, with 16’ bed
  • Precision Ground European Tooling

UAI Brake Presses


P2Lean-21 Salvagnini

The most versatile and productive Salvagnini panel bender ever—it can produce a wide variety of metal parts, working automatically and according to different manufacturing strategies: from lean manufacturing to batch, kit, or single piece part flow.

  • FLEXIBLE: Diversified production, 27 to 11 gage thickness
  • PRODUCTIVE: Universal bending tool and no set-up time
  • SMART: Adaptive technology, quality, zero scrap.
  • SAFE: Totally automatic manipulation in cycle.
  • SIMPLE: Adaptive technology & guaranteed quality (MAC 2.0)
  •  SUSTAINABLE: Reduced consumption (5 kW)
  •  VERSATILE: Customized solution to produce parts, 
pieces & panels


High speed, accurate and repeatable punching is achieved approaching 1,000 HPM and 400 HPM on 1” centers provided by AMADA’s unique servo-controlled hydraulic ram.  High speed tables position at 5,000 IPM, and 3 auto index stations provide maximum flexibility by simplifying tooling inventories and dramatically reducing tool setup time.  In addition, the Power Hydraulic Numerical Control (PHNC) calculates the optimum punching speed and hydraulic pressure of the ram stroke cycle.  Production speeds are maximized and noise levels minimized.

  • 357 Amada Vipros 33 Ton 50 Station Turret Press – Queen
    • Auto-indexing
    • ≤ 0.25” punch capability
    • Extrusion capability
  • 358 Amada Vipros 33 Ton 50 Station Turret Press – King
    • Auto-indexing
    • ≤ 0.125” punch capability, high speed
    • Extrusion capability

Punch Presses


The classic shear will yield more accurately cut parts per hour and will provide a superior quality blank. The Cincinnati brand is known for durability, meaning greater machine uptime and keeping the price of your fabrication competitive.

  • 1/4’’ shear capacity
  • 12’ Bed
  • Programmable backgauge



UA’s high precision and versatile MAZAK CNC turning and milling center completely redefines the quality and productivity standard of value-based turning and milling machines. Known for its durability and accuracy, MAZAK with auto-bar feeder offers UA internal milling, drilling and tapping operations to provide custom designs as well as quick turn-around of unique components our customers require:

  • A wide variety of materials (Steel and if required Polymers)
    • Chuck size 12
    • Maximum machining diameter 13.50”
  • Maximum machining length of 25.69”
    • Max distance between spindle end and turret end face (20”/40”)  26.2” / 47.75”
    • Bar work capacity 2.99”
    • Tailstock travel (20”/40”) 22.125” / 36.75”
    • Travel (X/Y) 8.50” / 4.00”
    • Travel Z (20”/40”) 23.8” / 45.5”
    • Milling spindle  4,500 RPM
    • Number of tools. 12
    • Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) 1,181 / 394 / 1,181
    • Turning tool size (outside/inside) 1” / 1.5”
  • C-Axis headstock brake design positions parts to within 0.0001”


Our Horizontal CNC FICEP Drill Line provides high speed, precision CNC drilling operations for custom structural drilling and tapping requirements. This allows us to perfect the drilling operation – accuracy and repeatability – on I beams, channels, angles and tubes from the “old style” manual, inaccurate, “layout and drill method” of structural shapes to a precision CNC drilling operation.

  • Able to handle materials 40 feet long and 3 feet high and drill holes up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Tolerance held to 0.031 inch accuracy, hole location
  • Ideal for base frames, super-duty large skids and other complex heavy-duty weldments

UAI Horizontal Drill Line


At UA’s, 100% of our welders are AWS  D1.1 certified and many are D1.3 and CWI certified as well, delivering consistent quality on customer requirements. Built-in pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) welding capability with swing arc arms, dual digital meters, and microprocessor-based technology guarantee efficiency for your job. The pulsed spray transfer helps reduce spatter and fume levels as well.  Our pride in craftsmanship, highly qualified team, process capabilities and attention to detail reliably produce serial production products our customers can count on.

  • Miller Invision Swing Arcs – Pulse Arc Welders
  • Acorn Style Heavy Duty Iron Weld Tables
  • TIG welding is also offered for stainless, aluminum and carbon steel jobs
  • Dedicated and Modular fixturing system (for tight tolerance products)
  • BLUCOTM Fixturing
  • AWS D1.1 and D1.3 Certified Welders
  • Certified AWS CWI’s
  • GCAW (TIG) – (DCEP/DCEN and AC)
  • GMAW-P (Pulse)
  • GMAW (MIG)
  • Brazing

UAI Welding


World-class capability in robotic welding is a product of our status as a leader in the manufacture of complex products requiring consistent close tolerance performance.  Every UA customer reaps the benefit of an engineering team with experience on 10,000+ CAD/CAM projects, along with fully automated robotic production cells that reliably reproduce welds including the most complex angles, curves, arcs and intricate welds with astounding accuracy, repeatability, operational efficiency and a reduction in component costs.

We take special pride in designing ideal production processes in partnership with our customers to meet and exceed their expectations.  It’s no wonder that global Fortune 100 OEMs regularly come to UA to tackle their toughest challenges.

  • Multiple – Dual arm traversing Lincoln Robotic welding cells with FANUC welding robots
    • 25′ x 10′ part capability up to 7.5 tons.
    • Allows part load/unload while welding
    • Proprietary UA quick-change robot load-unload system
    • Through-Arc seam tracking
    • 100% dedicated 2 ton cranes over automated welding work centers
  • Dual Station VIZIENT compact Ferris Wheel welding cell with FANUC welding robots
    • Allows part load/unload while welding
    • Proprietary fixturing with UA quick-change systems
    • 100% dedicated 1 ton cranes over automated welding work center
    • Non-contact laser touch sensing
    • 3 meter tool bed length
    • 1.5 meter swing diameters
  • Lincoln GMAW-P and GMAW capabilities

UAI Robotic Welding


Our efficient and versatile G.E. Schmidt Proline dual headed projection welder offers UA highly accurate and fast process capabilities to position and weldnuts in location.

  • Roman AC transformer 150 KVA
  • Maximum tip force = 1900 lbs. @ 80 psi
  • 450mm 18.0″ throats
  • 3.0″ Stroke with adjustable/retractable cylinder
  • T-Slot brass platens with 2.75″ dia. horns X 6.0″ long
  • Six (6) zone water flow manifold with individual
  • WTC T-2200 weld control with breaker

UAI Projection-Spot Welding


Powder painting provides an industry leading superior finish and long term performance to all products subject to the elements. UA has the largest powder coating systems in the US, giving UA unparalleled capabilities and capacity.  Most important for our customers; powder coating is a proven process that provides a far more durable and fade resistant coating that protects your fabricated product significantly better than a wet spray, and is more aesthetically pleasing on industrial products. A wide range of colors are available.

  • Automated continual electrostatic powder coat paint line that can accommodate parts 14′ x 3′ x 5′ up to 2 tons.  Ability to dual coat parts in one pass.
  • Twin large capacity electrostatic powder coat paint lines accommodate up to 40’ x 10’ x 6’ x 6 tons per part.
  • GIANT batch powder electrostatic powder coat paint system that can accommodate parts up to 60′ x 16′ x 16′ up to 80 tons per part.
  • 8 Stage wash capable (7 stages + sealer)
  • UL 1332 Certified (enclosure panels)
  • Reverse osmosis rinse
  • Fully programmable semi-automatic drying and curing
  • Paint thickness and reflectivity gauges for all metal substrates

UAI Powder Coating & Pain Lines


Modular fixturing for tight tolerance welding.

  • Tolerance capabilities:
    • Center to Center Bores: ± 0.001 inches
    • Table flatness: ± 0.0018 inches per 12.0 inches
  • Table Size(s)
    • 2x 3,100mm wide x 7,400mm long




UA. has 34 overhead traveling bridge cranes with a load capacity ranging from 1 ton up to 20 tons.

UAI Cranes



  • 140-Ton Capacity
  • Shearing 1″ x 12″, 1’2″ x 6″ x 6″ angle
  • 1 1/2″ punch in 1″ plate


Ridgid Pipe Cutter

  • Up to 2” NPT


UAI Scissor Band Saw Hydmech

Our versatile band saws provide exceptional miter cutting for light to medium duty applications.

    • Series II, 13 x 18 Automatic Feed
    • 50 Degree One-way Miter Capability
    • 2x  12” x 12”
    • 50 Degree One-way Miter Capability