Where do I send a request for quote?  What is your turnaround time for a quote?

Send all requests for quote to Quotes are prioritized based on receipt and quality of information provided.

What is your current lead time for a new tank?

Current lead time on any new part is subject to current levels of production which vary seasonally. Please contact a member of our technical sales team to provide you the lead time for your project at

Where can I submit purchase orders to United Alloy?

Purchase Orders may be submitted to

Does United Alloy make custom weldments other than tanks or trailers?

Yes!  UAI is a serial production [volume / mass-production] supply partner to its customers, it is well equipped to make custom designed weldments or subassemblies.  Some examples aside from tanks or trailers are chassis, frames, skids and enclosures panels, see  .  Please send your RFQ to to see if we can improve quality and save cost.  

Does UAI provide engineering expertise?

Yes. UAI has a dedicated team of highly qualified design, mechanical, electrical and process engineers that can solve the most complex metal design and fabrication challenges.

What kind of manufacturing capabilities does UAI have?

United Alloy strives to continually add capabilities to satisfy its expanding customer base supply requirements.  By vertically integrating UAI can better control quality, cost and delivery of most every component required.  Please see our list of manufacturing capabilities at

What kind of design services and support can UAI provide?

UAI has an experienced Technical staff (incl. design, process, quality, cost and manufacturing engineering disciplines) that includes the ability to analyze weldments and designs using complex Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics to ensure our designs are completely safe and work as required.  UAI is an industry leader in working with our customers to standardize tank designs while maximizing material and labor efficiencies to provide the lowest total cost of ownership possible by using the flexibility our multiple design certifications provide.

What materials does UAI work with?

UAI has extensive experience working with a wide variety of mild steels; sheet, plate as well as structural steels.  Also, stainless steel and aluminum.

Do United Alloy Tanks have UL142?

UL142 Tanks are available and all tanks are tested to exceed UL standards.

Does UAI use certified Welders?

Yes, AWS D 1.1 and AWS D 1.3.  We also have multiple Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) on staff.

Does United Alloy have Canadian Certified Tanks?

United Alloy has UN31A and ULC-S601 tank certification for tanks shipping to Canada. We also have UL 142 for US tank markets.

Does UAI build mobile and stationary tanks that are certified for use in Canada?

UAI holds several certifications that allows the construction of many of our products in Canada including ULC-S601 (standard Canadian flammable and combustible fluids fire code), CSA-B139-ON (Ontario specific requirements), and UN31 (Transport Canada regulated mobile tank requirements).  UAI also sources several ULC-certified tank components including, but not limited to, spill boxes, overfill prevention valves, vent whistles, and emergency vents.

Is powder paint better than wet spray?

In concert with UAI’s 6-stage pretreatment system with a nano-ceramic sealer, powder coated steel fabrications have a much better durability and corrosion resistance than liquid sprayed steel fabrication.  The combination of pretreatment and electro-statically applied powder paint is also capable of an extremely flexible and thicker finish that is applied quickly and efficiently by our experienced paint applicators.  Aside from the tangible benefits, powder coating is also a much more environmentally friendly process that does not emit harmful solvents.

Does United Alloy only make diesel fuel tanks?

No.  UAI is an NATM certified trailer manufacturer with extensive experience and exemplary performance in designing within the trailer market.  UAI offers fully functional day tanks complete with pump and motor controls, hydraulic tanks that can fit any purpose and design, and any other metal fabrication that requires a leak-proof vessel.  UAI also is the proud owner of two Bluco fixturing systems that allows us to hold extremely tight tolerances on all types of base frames, weldments, and other fabricated items.

Are United Alloy tanks superior to other commercial tanks?

United Alloy tanks are specially designed to increase rigidity and keep covers flat, with baffle designs that prevent high temp fuel from reaching the engine. Superior welding from AWS certified welders results in better weld penetration with less weld spatter, resulting in stronger, cleaner tank products.

My current supplier is always missing ship dates and has long lead times. How does UAI maintain such short lead times with excellent on time performance?

UAI consistently communicates with our customers on expected needs and forecasts.  Ever since we were founded, United Alloy has continuously invested in expanding capacity and capabilities to meet the supply expectations of our growing customer base.  UAI helps smooth our customers order volatility through our exclusive SP3 production planning and FST fulfillment programs. Please see the continuously updated on-time-delivery score posted on this website (click on ABOUT US, then CAPABILITIES).   UAI is consistently above 95% on-time on all shipments to its customers.

Does United Alloy have Quality Assurance personnel?

Yes. United Alloy has an experienced, independent and dedicated quality staff at each of its facilities.

How does United Alloy test their tanks?

United Alloy performs the required standard bubble tests as per UL-142. United Alloy also performs dye penetrant testing, hydrotesting as well as pressure and vacuum decay tests where applicable that set the standard for the industry with regard to tank leak testing.

Is UAI a minority owned business?

Yes, we are a woman owned business certified by the WBENC

Does United Alloy provide hydraulic tanks with a validated internal tank cleanliness?

Yes, UAI has an internal tank cleaning process that is capable of meeting the most stringent ISO and ASTM customer specified cleanliness requirements.

Does United Alloy conduct its own testing or engage an outside 3rd party?

UAI uses both.  We have a fully outfitted internal Validation Test Lab, a comprehensive Coating Performance Lab, and when required do contract with accredited  3rd party technical resources.

Does United Alloy provide design support for hydraulic tank performance?

Yes, UAI has an experienced engineering team is capable of specifying and validating performance components such as filters, breathers, strainers, gauges and other components.

How does UAI ensure a rust free internal reservoir?

Although no one can guarantee a rust free tank, United treats each tank with a rust preventative and can also add upon request a unique vaporizing rust inhibitor to minimize the formation of oxidation.

I’m interested in becoming a UAI supplier, what is the process?

UAI has a comprehensive supplier validation process that begins with contacting our Purchasing Department at 608-758-4717  or email your inquiry to