At United Alloy it’s our intent to empower and entrust our employees to manage the responsibilities of both their work and home lives, thereby maximizing their value to United Alloy. Together, we are an agile team that produces extraordinary results, setting the standard in:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Profitability

Each employee acts with a sense of ownership, takes initiative to problem solve and is committed to the company’s mission, their team and themselves.



To be an innovative and responsive enterprise. Our knowledge and experience provides us with the creativity and flexibility to design, engineer, manufacture and deliver high quality fabricated products.


An actively engaged team inspired to win together.


Takes responsibility for own responses to other people and circumstances they encounter; they do not blame or make excuses.

Acts with integrity, clear intent, competence and achieves expected results.

Commits to team decisions and objectives; collaborates with others toward accomplishing the team mission.

Makes good agreements, always identifying and answering the following questions; who, what, when, where, why and how.

Situationally aware of other people and circumstances; active listener, does not interrupt, asks questions seeking to understand before being understood.

Puts others before themselves, servant minded, admits mistakes and gives away credit.

Responds to facts and known information; puts space between an event and when they respond, does not allow emotion to drive responses.

Goes directly to others to resolve conflict in a caring respectful way; does not triangulate or gossip.

Does not murmur or complain but has an attitude of “How can we improve or make the situation better?”

Always treats other team members or colleagues with respect even though there may be disagreements.

Pro-active; moves quickly solves problems or make recommendations for solutions.

Willing to change and adapt to changing conditions.


  • Customers
  • Owners
  • Employees

—Delivering exceptional value through partnerships.

—Decision makers empowered to create value for the future.

—Generating growth, trust and purpose.


The values of United Alloy provides the framework for leadership, shapes and strengthens our brand as well as our company culture, which in turn, positively impacts our business strategy.


Continues an effort to do or achieve goals despite difficulties, failure, opposition or discouragement.

One who takes ownership of their role and the company as a whole. They are committed to the mission of the company, and really lives the values that have been created by the culture of the team.

Contributes ideas and solutions to workplace challenges or problems.  Recognizes when there’s a need for improvement, and use logic, reason and creativity to come up with ways to meet those needs.

Treats people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. Encourages coworkers to express opinions and ideas. Listens to what others have to say before expressing own viewpoint. Never speaks over or interrupts another person.

Takes responsibility for own responses to other people and circumstances they encounter; they do not blame or make excuses.

Ensures knowledge and skills up-to-date and relevant. Allows employees to be more aware of changing trends and directions in an industry. Gains new skills which leads to boosted morale, confidence and productivity.

Gains trust of  leaders, colleagues our team. Dependable, and holds oneself accountable for  actions, which leads to becoming role models for others to follow.


The culture of United Alloy has been instilled with seven principles that govern how a healthy, high trust team can work together to accomplish the mission. The foundation principle of 100% Responsibility is first and foremost. The remaining six principles; High Trust, Communication, Healthy Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Focus On Results builds upon one another which has made United Alloy a high performing team.

Come be a part of our team today, so we can achieve extraordinary results tomorrow.