In a world in which employers are struggling to attract and retain top talent, United Alloy has taken a unique approach by supporting and investing in our employees so they are able to fulfill their aspirations whether it is at work or outside of work.


Supply Chain Supervisor

When you first heard about the Dream Generators Program, what were your initial thoughts?

I thought that this program is almost certainly going to change the lives of people who decide to participate.

What made you decide to participate in the Dream Generators program?

I saw the Dream Generators Program as a great opportunity for self-improvement. I wanted to be able to better myself as an individual, but also within my role here at United Alloy. I wanted to be the guy who you could approach and know that there would be no judgement. I wanted to help anyone with an issue and be able to offer solid advice. I want to be able to guide them to a solution that would be in their best interest in the short term and long term.

How has the Dream Generators Program affected your personal and/or work life?

Coach has given me some food for thought, as it relates to my own coaching style at work with fellow employees and family at home. I’m able to have a more direct line of communication with my family and co-workers, even if I don’t answer their questions right away. Coach has helped me understand that I do not need to respond immediately to statements or questions from fellow co-workers. I’m allowed to take the time to respond their questions, which in turn offers more time for me to think about how I will answer the question. I no longer have to “shoot from the hip” on everything. By taking a moment to respond or make statements, it usually improves the outcome in the long term, not just in the moment.

What was the biggest challenge or obstacle you faced?

Myself. I tend to get in my own way by taking on too many goals at once. Having too many goals can be overwhelming and have a negative effect on yourself. If you can’t give each individual goal the proper attention it deserves, it becomes a “quantity over quality” outcome. Coach has helped me become someone that can hold myself accountable. The trick is to have an achievable list of goals in order of priority. While checking off completed goals, I continually re-evaluate the list as I go, since priorities can change. This process has helped me reach the light at the end of the tunnel, rather than being stuck in the darkest part.

Please describe your experience while in the Dream Generators Program.

I would say that the program has surpassed everyone’s expectations. I have found it as a very enjoyable program. You as the dream seeker do have to put in the work. There will be times when the program may feel intimidating and having to do work you may not feel comfortable with it in the beginning. However, the progression of accomplishing goals to help you realize your dream makes it worth the trouble.

Would you recommend the Dream Generators Program to your co-workers?

I recommend this program to everyone that has a dream or goal but doesn’t know how or where to start.

What advice would you give others who are considering pursuing their dream?

Take the first step and reach out to Coach. If the program helps you reach at least one milestone, then it’s worth it to keep going and accomplish your dream.


By understanding, supporting, and encouraging our employees, we are able to help make their dreams become a reality. At United Alloy, every employee matters to us. We want everyone to have their own success story in their personal and/or professional lives. It’s one way that makes us an actively engaged team, inspired to win together.