In a world in which employers are struggling to attract and retain top talent, United Alloy has taken a unique approach by supporting and investing in our employees so they are able to fulfill their aspirations whether it is at work or outside of work.


United Alloy’s Dream Generators Program was created to help employees become the best version of themselves whether it is at work or at home. By understanding, supporting, and encouraging employees, the program is aimed at helping them grow in their personal and professional lives. The Dream Generators Program helps you on a path to success and achieve what one thinks is unattainable. It helps make your dreams become a reality. United Alloy takes the time to truly invest in and offer pathways for employees to achieve their dreams. It’s one of the many ways that shows United Alloy thinks and treats every employee as an individual. At United Alloy, every employee matters.

In 2019, Tom Baer, owner of United Alloy was inspired by the book, The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. The Dream Manager illustrates how companies can achieve remarkable results when they invest in their employees to help them focus on pursuing their dreams in the professional and non-professional world. Tom brought the Dream Generators Program  to life by hiring a Dream Coach, which is none other than Coach Bob.

The Dream Generators Program is introduced to all new employees during their first day at United Alloy. The program is free and open to all  employees. The Dream Generators Program invests in United Alloy employees to a degree that encourages them to think creatively and explore what might be possible and achievable. To examine these possibilities, United Alloy and Coach Bob have created a safe and confidential space for employees to discuss their dreams during their shift.

The idea of a dream is different for everyone. It can be scary, exciting, soft and fluffy, or feel unknown and distant. Dreams are free of judgement. Nothing is too big, too small, right, or wrong. Since the program has started, here are just a few topics that have surfaced during sessions with Coach Bob:

  • Saving to purchase a home
  • “Bucket List” Item Completion
  • Finding happiness
  • Mentoring a child
  • Looming retirement
  • Refinancing
  • Weight loss
  • Going back to school
  • Building confidence
  • Completing the “Life Wheel”
  • Caring for an aging family member
  • Eliminating financial debt/worry
  • Degree/Certification completion
  • Achieving work-family-life balance
  • Finding purpose in life
  • Being “present” at home
  • Leadership growth
  • Helping a co-worker


Since the Dream Generators Program began, over 120 individuals have participated in the program. There have been countless journeys taking place here at United Alloy. Employees are realizing that they have the power to write the next chapter of their life story. Below are a few of those journeys.


“A dream with no goals is just a dream.”

—Denzel Washington



“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson



“Like success, failure is many things to many people. With positive mental attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, and a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order to prepare to try again.”

—W. Clement Stone



By understanding, supporting, and encouraging our employees, we are able to help make their dreams become a reality. At United Alloy, every employee matters to us. We want everyone to have their own success story in their personal and/or professional lives. It’s one way that makes us an actively engaged team, inspired to win together.